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Firefly Welding Services

As the welding industry moves towards automatic welding, IPWL offer welding contractors a ready-made solution, an automated welding service using their Firefly welding machine and skilled welding crews.

As well as Firefly arc welding equipment, we can provide a full range of related welding equipment, operators, technicians and welding crews. We also provide help with weld procedures, training and welder qualifications to support your project.

  • Firefly semi-automatic arc welding equipment
  • Firefly trained welding crews and support staff
  • Weld procedures
  • Welder qualifications
  • Full range of welding equipment

Welding contractors face ever demanding market conditions. There is a constant need to improve productivity, to remain competitive, to get the job done on time and within budget. Making the right choice of welding equipment can be tricky. Considering Firefly’s welding service might just make that choice a bit clearer.

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Firefly is a semi-automatic arc welding machine. The main purpose of Firefly equipment is to improve the productivity of the skilled welder. This is achieved by continually producing a consistent weld result with the latest equipment and technology. Firefly is a fully integrated digital welding system and is compatible with modern inverter systems and related welding equipment such as robotic wire feeders.

Firefly is primarily intended as an orbital welding system for pipeline welding applications in the oil, gas and water industries. However, as well as cross country pipeline projects, Firefly has been used for other projects such as wind turbine jacket manufacture and the manufacture of landing legs for jack-up vessels. Firefly can be used where there is high degree of weld repeatability – linear and orbital and in all gravity positions.

Firefly Equipment en-route to a project in France

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Get smart – check out Firefly…the clever way to weld!

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