IPWL add an automated pipe cutting machine to Firefly range

15 September 2017


Firefly Cutter

IPWL have added an automated pipe cutting machine to their Firefly range. The equipment is based on the proven technology and running gear of the popular Firefly welding machine. Accurate and high speed cutting is possible with the cutting carriage running on a track mounted to the workpiece. 

Firefly cutter is designed as a rugged and robust machine for use in demanding field environments. Durability is built in with a chassis constructed of 10mm aluminium, a high specification drive motor and quality connectors. The compact machine is easy to handle with a lifting weight of just 9 kg. The carriage is securely fixed to the track using the same tried and tested mounting mechanism design inherited from Firefly orbital welding machine. This stable set-up enables cutting speeds ranging from 1mm per minute to 2500mm per minute.

Firefly Semi-Automated Cutting Machine

Firefly Semi-Automated Cutting Machine

Although primarily intended as an orbital cutting machine, the equipment can also be used on a flat, curved or elliptical track.  All tracks are compatible with both Firefly welding and cutting machines.

The versatile cutting torch holder will cope with oxy-acetylene and plasma torches from all manufacturers. The adjustable head is designed to ensure all cutting angles are possible.

The cutter operates from a standard Firefly welding machine control box. Direct 110V or 220-240V versions are available. A digital version with a speed indicator is also available.

Firefly automated pipe cutting machine in action
The video footage below shows the Firefly cutting machine being used by local labour on a work site in Panama. The workpiece is X60 grade steel with a diameter of 2200mm and a wall thickness of 20mm. The cutting process used is oxy-acetylene.

Firefly Cutting Machine being used in Colon, Panama, Central America

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