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Firefly welding machine celebrates first ten years

6 November 2017


Firefly automated welding machine is ten years old. Back in November 2007 we had a bright idea to build a better welding bug. Firefly was born.

The current model Firefly is the result of ten years of hard work - design, test, feedback, improve - design, test, feedback, improve - design, test, feedback, improve.  A seemingly endless cycle of incremental improvements to mature the machine in to what it is today.

We would like to thank our customers, suppliers and partners who have supported us over the years.

The bright idea to build a better welding bug is still alive and well - here's to the next ten years!

Firefly 10 years

Firefly Welding Machine Hot Tap in France

Firefly Semi-Automated Welding Machine

Firefly is a semi-automated welding machine. The main purpose of Firefly equipment is to improve the productivity of the skilled welder. This is achieved by continually producing a consistent weld result with the latest equipment and technology. Firefly is a fully integrated digital welding system and is compatible with modern inverter systems and related welding equipment such as robotic wire feeders and laser tracking devices.

All Firefly systems are supported by a training and familiarisation course tailored to the skill and experience pf the trainee and the intended application. An experienced welder can be trained to competently use Firefly within one or two days.

Get smart – check out Firefly... the clever way to weld!

Firefly is available to purchase or systems can be rented with, or without, an operator. Help is also available with weld procedures and welder qualifications. Full installation, training and support is available.

If you would like to learn more about how Firefly can keep you ahead of the competition, please contact us.