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Firefly train welders for Panama's first LNG facility

12 September 2017


Firefly automated welding machine has been used in the construction of an LNG terminal at Costa Norte near Colon, Panama. Firefly staff supervised the training of local welders to set up and operate the Firefly automated welding equipment.

Welder training in Panama

The video footage below shows local welders going through their weld test and then welding on the pipe with the Firefly automated welding equipment. The pipe is 2200mm in diameter and the welding process is an inner shield gas-less wire. Six welders where trained and tested over a five-day period. All six welders qualified after training.

As well as automated welding, the Firefly equipment was used for cutting.

Welder Training in Panama

Costa Norte LNG Terminal, Colon, Panama

Costa Norte LNG Terminal, Colon, Panama

The project is the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility to be built in Panama and is located near the Caribbean entrance of the Panama Canal at Colon, about 60km north of Panama City. The project comprises the marine facilities - an LNG jetty with a 216m-long trestle, a 50m x 35m platform, four breasting dolphins, six mooring dolphins as well as the intake and outfall structure. The import jetty is designed to receive LNG vessels in the range of 30,000m3 to 180,000m3.

Colon, Panama, Central America

The project is a joint venture between BAM International and Iconsa. South Korea's Posco E&C is the main contractor to deliver the terminal for the client, US energy company AES Corporation. The power generation capacity of Colon CCPP - 380MW- is the largest in Panama. Power produced from the facility can supply around 15 million households simultaneously, which will ensure a stable supply to the industrial complex near the Panama Canal and Colon area.

The project is due to be completed in April 2018.

Firefly Semi-Automated Welding Machine

All Firefly systems are supported by a training and familiarisation course tailored to the skill and experience pf the trainee and the intended application. An experienced welder can be trained to competently use Firefly within one or two days.

The Work Piece

The Work Piece

Firefly is a semi-automated welding machine. The main purpose of Firefly equipment is to improve the productivity of the skilled welder. This is achieved by continually producing a consistent weld result with the latest equipment and technology. Firefly is a fully integrated digital welding system and is compatible with modern inverter systems and related welding equipment.

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Get smart – check out Firefly... the clever way to weld!

Firefly is available to purchase or systems can be rented with, or without, an operator. Help is also available with weld procedures and welder qualifications. Full installation, training and support is available.

If you would like to learn more about how Firefly can keep you ahead of the competition, please contact us.

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