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Firefly introduces digital operator's remote control pendant

15 June 2015


IPWL, manufacturer of the Firefly orbital welding machine, has introduced a fully digital operator's remote control pendant.

Firefly is a semi-automated orbital pipe welding machine. The welder must use his skill to make the final adjustments to the weld by operating the remote once the welding is underway. A digital remote enhances the response times. The pendant controls functions such as travel speed, travel direction and oscillation.

The operator's remote can be connected to either the Firefly welding carriage or to the Firefly control box by a standard 3 meter umbilical cable. Longer lengths are available if required.

The operator's remote is handled continually throughout the working day by welders in harsh environments, so feedback from experienced welders has been an integral component in the development of this operator's remote. Much attention has been given to the size, weight and robustness of the unit. Similar attention has been given to the positioning and colour of the positive click buttons. The size and readability of the display screen has been carefully considered...an important factor to bear in mind when you remember the welder will be wearing a helmet.

After extensive field testing, we think the ease of use design features and physical robustness of this operator's remote will suit most users. However, you can't please everyone. In an industry full of large men with giant fingers in welding gloves, a bigger option is possible!

Get smart – check out Firefly... the clever way to weld!

Firefly is available to purchase or systems can be rented with, or without, an operator. Help is also available with weld procedures and welder qualifications. Full installation, training and support is available.

If you would like to learn more about how Firefly can keep you ahead of the competition, please contact us.