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Demonstrating Firefly's linear capabilities on a flat track

17 September 2015


Firefly's primary use is intended to be an orbital pipe welding machine; however the Firefly welding machine can be used on a flat or horizontal track as well. Other than mounting a flat track instead of an orbital track/ring, there are no other specialised components needed to carry out this kind of welding application using a standard Firefly machine.

The video footage below is from a recent demonstration to a French contractor (Figure 1). In this example, the test work piece is heated using induction heating equipment. The video clip shows welding in two positions - horizontal and overhead. Welding vertically is also possible, but is not shown in this video.

Figure 1. Video footage.

Figure 2 shows close ups of the actual welds from this demonstration.

Figure 2. Weld close-ups.

Firefly is an orbital welding machine designed to improve the productivity of the welder by continually producing a consistent weld result. Firefly orbital welding machine helps to give users a competitive edge in today's ever demanding economic climate.

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Firefly is available to purchase or systems can be rented with, or without, an operator. Help is also available with weld procedures and welder qualifications. Full installation, training and support is available.

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