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Welding Solutions For Industry

Firefly is available to rent. If the duration of your project is few months, then renting Firefly may be the best option to consider. Firefly systems are available to rent with or without an inverter set.

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Firefly is available to buy. If you have longer term projects, or several projects lined up, then buying the equipment may be an option to consider.

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We can provide firefly operators to support your welding project. This service includes welding crews, supervisory staff, technicians and support staff. Help with weld procedure development is also available.

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All Firefly systems are supported by a training and familiarisation course tailored to the skill and experience of the trainee and the intended application. An experienced welder can be trained to use Firefly in one or two days.

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The Firefly welding system can be supplied with ancillary welding equipment – integrated inverter sets, induction heating equipment and automated cutting equipment.

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The Firefly welding system is supported by your local distributor and the UK-based manufacturer.

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Firefly can be used where a high degree of weld repeatability is required and a flat or flexible guide band can be mounted to the workpiece.

oil, gas and water pipelines
wind and wave
farm construction
chemical and petrochemical facility construction
large diameter vessel fabrication
steam pipes
tubular structures
pressure vessel construction
internal welds
construction work
power plant construction,
nuclear and conventional

After Sales Service

Spare Parts

An extensive stock of spare parts is maintained for rapid despatch to customers.

Online technical support

Technicians have access to online remote assist diagnostics software, enabling resolution of technical issues anywhere in the world.

Software upgrades

Software upgrades can be downloaded and installed from the customer log in area of the manufacturer’s website.

For more information about the suitability of Firefly for your intended application, please contact us.

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