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30 October 2019

Firefly adds young welders to crew

Firefly Welding gives young welders their chance. After preparing the welders for PQR testing, successful trainees who pass the independent test, join the Firefly field crew. Then it's straight in to welding projects in France, Belgium, Poland and England.

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29 October 2019

Firefly Repeatable Welding Results

Firefly welding machine is a tool used by welding contractors because it helps them to gain a competitive edge. A key component of achieving this objective is quality control.

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17 April 2019

Firefly prepares next generation welders

Young welders get their chance to increase their skill-set using Firefly automated welding equipment. In today’s ever-increasing technological landscape, learning how to work with semi-automated welding equipment is something next generation welders will need to contend with to keep their skills in demand.

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26 March 2019

Firefly CSWIP Welding Inspector

Firefly project manager Michael Burgess has recently passed the CSWIP welding inspector course.

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5 February 2019

Firefly joins Made in Britain Campaign

Firefly has become a registered member of the Made in Britain campaign.

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26 September 2018

Firefly Pipe Welding Demonstration Roadshow

UK manufacturer, IPWL are to offer live pipe welding demonstrations using their Firefly semi-automated welding machine integrated with Lincoln's S350CE Power Wave ® welding set. Interested customers will be able to get hands-on experience of operating Firefly orbital welding machine.

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1 February 2018

Welder qualification test for 2G weld using Firefly

Ever wondered what a welder must do to get 'qualified' to work on a welding project?

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6 November 2017

Firefly welding machine celebrates first ten years

Firefly automated welding machine is ten years old. Back in November 2007 we had a bright idea to build a better welding bug. Firefly was born.

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15 September 2017

IPWL add an automated pipe cutting machine to Firefly range

IPWL have added an automated pipe cutting machine to their Firefly range.

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12 September 2017

Firefly train welders for Panama's first LNG facility

Firefly automated welding machine has been used in the construction of an LNG terminal at Costa Norte near Colon, Panama. Firefly staff supervised the training of local welders to set up and operate the Firefly automated welding equipment.

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6 July 2017

Adopting automatic welding in the pipeline industry

With rigorous welding standards, regulatory changes, an aging workforce and ever increasing costs, welding contractors need to fully consider the role automatic welding can play.

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6 July 2017

Building a bespoke welding habitat for a pipeline

Getting a welding habitat welders are happy with is not as easy as you might think. So, in typical IPWL style, we had a go at building our own! Here is the result - a bespoke welding habitat for Firefly orbital welding machine and the related welding equipment such as inverters, wire feeders and heat induction kit.

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19 May 2017

Firefly to attend Schweissen and Schneiden welding equipment exhibition

The Firefly arc welding machine will be on display at Schweissen & Schneiden trade fair for joining, cutting and surfacing from 25th to 29th September 2017. This time the event will be held in Dusseldorf rather than its usual home in Essen.

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24 April 2017

Firefly automated welding machine used with robotic wire feeder

The Firefly welding machine has been successfully used recently with Lincoln Electric's AutoDrive© 4R220 robotic 4-roll wire feeder incorporating a Lincoln AutoDrive© 19 control unit.

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9 January 2017

Pipe welders adapt skills using Firefly automated welding machine

Skilled pipe welders need to adapt to keep pace with advancements in automated orbital welding. However, even with new arc welding technology, traditional orbital welding skills are still in demand.

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1 March 2016

Firefly used by Franklin Offshore Europe RDM Quayside Project

Firefly orbital welding machine was selected by Franklin Offshore Europe to carry out welding on a project in Rotterdam during October 2015 to January 2016. The Firefly welding equipment and welding crew where supplied by distributor, Welding Company from Belgium.

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29 February 2016

Considering orbital equipment for a welding project?

When selecting equipment for your next orbital welding project, it is always worthwhile to consider the available options. Why not consider renting Firefly orbital welding equipment?

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17 September 2015

Demonstrating Firefly's linear capabilities on a flat track

Firefly's primary use is intended to be an orbital pipe welding machine; however the Firefly welding machine can be used on a flat or horizontal track as well.

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16 September 2015

Firefly adds an integrated weld data logging unit

IPWL have developed an integrated arc welding data logger and monitoring system for their Firefly orbital welding machine. The system offers users a built-in solution - a seamless integration with minimal start up times and no external cabling.

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16 June 2015

Firefly used on the Corrib Gas Pipeline Project, Ireland

Firefly orbital welding machine was used by Murphy International on phase two of the Corrib Gas Pipeline Project in Co. Mayo, Ireland. The Corrib project is one of the most significant engineering projects ever undertaken in Ireland. The tunnel is the longest in Ireland and the gas pipeline is the longest gas pipeline tunnel in Europe.

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15 June 2015

Firefly introduces digital operator's remote control pendant

IPWL, manufacturer of the Firefly orbital welding machine, has introduced a fully digital operator's remote control pendant.

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29 March 2015

Firefly works with National Grid to Develop Mechanised Hot Tap Weld Procedure

IPWL and their partner, Welding Company, provide solutions for orbital pipe welding applications in the oil, gas, water, petrochemical and offshore wind industries. Combining Firefly orbital welding system with Miller's ProHeat© induction heat treatment is just one example of our clever approach. This article is an example from one customer in the development of mechanised welding for heavy wall hot-tap split tee longitudinal seam welds.

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29 March 2015

What does a typical welder look like these days?

With the average age of a skilled welder being widely reported as being about 55, it is likely a typical welder looks like this guy...

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